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[school-discuss] Re: [seul-edu] Linux in Academia


Have you considered doing this as an open content project on
http://www.wikibooks.org? I think they support multi-lingual resources,
being based on the wikipedia code, and you can get help from other list


- Yishay

Janus Sandsgaard wrote:

Does anyone here know about newsgroups or mailing lists dealing with Linux at higher educations, such a university? I am especially interested in initiatives related to social science and humanities, which are traditionally not hot spots for Linux.

I am writing a book in Danish about Linux power tools (KDE, LyX, BibTex, OpenOffice.org etc.) for non-technical students and scientists at university, and I am thinking about doing it in English as a parallel projects. But first I am interested in knowing if somebody are already working with this?


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