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[school-discuss] Re: [seul-edu] Linux in Academia

On Tuesday 06 January 2004 21:35, Karl wrote:

> I am CC-ing this to the more active schoolforge-edu mailing list also. If
> you have not scanned the archives or website (www.shoolforge.net), you
> might like to see the collection of free-software-in-education groups that
> have gathered there. (SEUL/edu is also present there.)

I'll tjeck it out. Thank you. Sorry for the late response to your message, but 
I have been very busy with my daughter. :-)

> Janus, some of us at SEUL/edu started a 'GNU/Linux in Education Case
> Studies Repository Project" that has a listing of some 30-50 schools
> (possibly more). The project has a great scope of goals, including housing
> the biggest repository of the whitepapers on GNU/Linux in academia, which
> has yet to be accomplished. Maybe you can help us fill out that goal.

Sounds interesting. Please tell me more. I am not sure I know what you mean by 
"whitepapers on GNU/Linux in academia" - but it sounsd interesting! :-)

> Basically, if you are preparing papers about GNU/Linux in Academia, they
> might fit right into our Case Studies project and we can talk about other
> papers or perhaps you might know other academics who have researched the
> topic.

I do not know any other acedemics working with research in Linux, but I do 
know al ot of Linux users, but not many from Social Science or Humanities. 
This is why I am writing the book (curently in Danish).


Linux install party in La Paz, Bolivia