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[school-discuss] Some changes--part 5, SEUL/edu itself

As most of you will have figured out, my previous messages were prologue
for a major proposal.  You will have noticed that I'm calling for the
end of the ISO project, the restart of the Linux in Education reports in
a different form under the auspices of Schoolforge, the transfer of the
case studies to Schoolforge, and the reorganization of the AppIndex into
a front end for the Freshmeat dataset and also for its transfer to

What does this leave for SEUL/edu, you may wonder?  The answer is,
nothing.  SEUL/edu was a noble effort and jump-started many of the Linux
in education efforts we see around the world.  The creation of
Schoolforge was in certain respects the culmination of what SEUL/edu was
all about.  SEUL/edu has accomplished all the goals that could
reasonably be expected of it.

While all this was happening, SEUL itself was changing.  Initially, SEUL
was a member organization working on aspects of getting Linux to the
non-techie end-user.  As time went on, this role was taken on by many
other organizations and SEUL moved to providing resources to many
projects that shared its goal of simple, end-user Linux.  That's SEUL's
raison d'etre today.

SEUL/edu was the last of the "front-end" SEUL efforts.  The rest have
either languished of been put to sleep.  It's time for SEUL/edu to
follow them into history.

If we can approve of my suggestions in the previous messages, SEUL/edu's
reason for being is no more.  That's a good thing, I think--it means
that more specific, more focused groups are doing the work SEUL/edu
started, and doing it better.

If there are no major reasons for not doing so, I propose we add all
members of the seul-edu mailing list who aren't already on it to the
schoolforge-discuss mailing list, transfer the case studies and AppIndex
databases to Schoolforge, and officially shut down SEUL/edu.  Let's face
it, except for discussions that probably should have been on
schoolforge-discuss anyway, SEUL/edu has been moribund for a while now.

For better or worse, I'm not going away.  I'll be active on Schoolforge,
at least as much so as in the recent past and probably moreso.  I think
this is the right thing to do, folks.

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