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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source as subject material

On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 22:14, Jerritt Collord wrote:
> Hello SchoolForge members,
> I'm wondering if anyone has pointers to curriculum materials or
> experience in general regarding teaching Open Source itself in a grade
> 8-12 environment. E.g. what is source code, intellectual property,
> collaborative development? What resources can I use to find and use
> software? How can I contribute?

Not exactly resources but www.theINGOTs.org provides a simple
qualifications framework that is Open Source friendly. INGOTs are
International Grades in Office Technology and can be achieved using
entirely Open Source software. Assessment criteria for Bronze and Silver
can be downloaded from the web site and used freely. There is a small
charge for official certification with profits (if they materialise :-)
) used to fund open source software for schools.

Haven't yet done the Gold and Platinum specifications yet.
ian <ian.lynch2@ntlworld.com>