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[school-discuss] OSS Conference in Hawai`i

Now is the time for Hawai`i to develop a lead in the global Open Source Software industry. According to IDC, Linux servers, desktops, and software solutions will be a 35 Billion Dollar industry by 2008. In January we invite you to join us and learn how trusted and venerable brands are integrating the innovations from this new paradigm in software development to achieve cost savings and productivity gains. During our inaugural Trans-Pacific Open Source Software Conference from the 17th to the 21st of January, you will have the chance to hear from, address, and meet Asian, North American, and local innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs including:

CJ Coppersmith, Director, Linux Strategy, Hewlett-Packard

Mr. Coppersmith will talk about where Linux and OSS fit in with Hewlett Packard

Tom Crabb, Director of IT Operations for the Americas Region, Novell

Mr. Crabb will discuss Novell's internal migration from Windows to Linux Desktops

Dave Pickens, Chief Architect, Education and Research, Sun Microsystems

With Solaris Open Sourced, Mr. Pickens will share Sun's education initiatives.

MAMPU, Malaysian Administration Modernisation and Management Planning Unit

A private/government partnership to use OSS for Treasury efficiencies and savings

DHIT – DRB-HICOM Information Technologies

The private partner with MAMPU; DRB-HICOM is a national conglomerate

Larry Rosen, Partner, Rosenlaw

Larry Rosen is the globally respected expert in protecting one's IP assets with OSS licensing

Robin Miller, Editor, Open Source Technology Group and Linux.com

Robin is an editor for the premier technology news site, Slashdot, as well as NewsForge

Jim Thompson, Founder and Engineer, Netgate Incorporated

A model for Hawaii's entrepreneurs and investors, Jim exports IP protected WIFI hardware

Dr. Stanley Saiki, Founder, Pacific Telehealth and Technology Hui

This DOD/VA partnership has been using OSS in Medical Informatics for years

Dr. Horst Herb, Founder, GnuMed

GnuMed affords physicians a standards-compliant Electronic Medical Record.

Bruce Perens, Open Source visionary and Strategic Consultant

Bruce is partly responsible for the definition of Open Source and will speak of its economics

John Terpstra, SAMBA author and developer

The killer app for replacing Windows servers with Linux is SAMBA, and John is a Master.

Allen Gunn, Developer, Aspiration Tech

This software company promotes and develops software solutions for NGO's

Todd Ogasawara, State of Hawai`i

Todd will discuss how the State has been using OSS in places like the Governor's website.

Patrick McGovern

Director of Sourceforge.  This is the place that future OSS products are hosted and developed.

Taking place at our Convention Center, this is an event that will set the stage for new business development and entrepreneurial innovation. It is not to be missed, and registration is underway now at http://www.tposscon.com. Learn how you can affect this industry before it affects you. Sponsors and exhibitors are still welcome to join us and can contact scott@xxxxxxxxx for details.

All-Week Badges can be purchased for $80 prior to 1/17/2004 and $100 the week of the event.

TPOSSCON is a fundraiser for HOSEF, The Hawai`i Open Source Education Foundation

HOSEF is a charitable non-profit and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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