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[school-discuss] Linux and Active Directory/Windows networking

Hi!  I hope someone can help me.  I'm an educator and have used Linux in
teaching since '98.  This year I am in a new school district.  Formerly I taught
in a district that used Novell.  I used RedHat for servers, Mandrake on student
stations, and occasionally used Knoppix CDs.  It was always easy because all of
the distros auto detected the network settings - maybe I had to put in a few IPs
here and there - but I was always able to easily make everything work.

This district uses Active Directory.  I have not been able to make the Linux
network features work. I've tried DHCP, and I've tried static IPs, entering DNS
and gateway IPs.  None of the tech people know anything about Linux.  They have
been friendly and very helpful - they use a proxy server and gave me all of
that info - but it still doesn't work.  Not with Knoppix, or Edubuntu.  I ping
the district IPs and get nothing.

It was interesting that when I installed Edubuntu, somehow after the CD
installation it reached the Internet to finish installing the software.  I was
out of the room when it was installing at the end and didn't see messages.

Anyway . . . I want to be able to use Knoppix CDs/DVDs and use my Edubuntu
installation . . . can anyone help me get around Active Directory/Windows