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[school-discuss] We did it!

Dear K12LTSP enthusiasts,

After much consternation, including demands early on to remove Linux from our elementary school, I'm happy to report that our school district
technology leadership has not only approved our efforts of deploying
K12LTSP in our elementary school, but actually said they'd like to do a
formal evaluation of the technology and it's implications for the broader system. This is nothing short of a seachange in their attitude
towards Linux.

My thanks, on behalf of my daughter's elementary school, go out to the
K12LTSP community, without whose resources we could never have made such
a monumental change in the computers at our school. For those who have
volunteered their time and effort in making K12LTSP successful, I can
think of no greater reward than what has happened at our school: the
computers all work now; teachers that didn't want any new computers are now asking for one for every student; teachers are finally using
computers to enhance the curriculum; and so on. Bravo K12LTSP community!

Best regards,