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[school-discuss] a list of necessary topics for college intro to IT

It would be a good exercise to compile a list of necessary topics for
college intro to IT classes, and such a list would really benefit a
lot of other people.

What do you think should positively be included in an Intro to IT
course for college-age students?

Some suggestions to get us started (please note, I am just
brainstorming at this point):

1. The dangers of posting information online, such as slanderous
comments about others, photos of binge drinking and nudity, bragging
photos of juvenile and reckless vandalism or misbehavior... all of
which will someday be read by a job or college interviewer.
2. How to mount a network share on Mac, Win, and Linux.
3. OpenOffice
4. How to read email suspiciously (don't open attachments, don't click
links, etc.)
5. The importance of keeping a system up-to-date... particularly Windows.
6. Using a spreadsheet to manage information in database-like lists.
7. Power-searching on Google.
8. How to write a subject line on email that will tell the recipient
that the message is not spam.
9. Techniques for detecting phishing.
10. ... <please continue>

Micheal Cooper
Miyazaki, Japan (GMT+9, no DST)