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Re: [school-discuss] speech synthesis and voice recognition

I read the thread.  Thanks for keeping up with this.  You know I have been homeschooling my dyslexic son since October.  I am about to invite some other dyslexic homeschoolers to join us at http://homeschool.ourdyslexicchildren.org.  I would like it to be interactive enough so these kids can talk to each other like kids do on xBox live.  I installed a few Moodle addons that are supposed to be interactive, but have not tested them yet.  Most of the addons that sounded good cost $$$ - so they are out.  Commercial entities have keep pretty tight control of voice recognition.  There is not much open source stuff out there, and what I found was in early development.  Ultimately, dyslexic kids who also have dysgraphia have to depend on voice recognition for writing.

Thanks again - marilyn


On 2013-01-22 06:37, LM wrote:

Ran across mention on a forum about someone working on a speech
synthesis and voice recognition tool.  So, I asked the developer more
about the project.  Here's the forum thread which includes links to
tools and scripts he's working with:
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