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Re: [school-discuss] Digital Literacy

Great pointers. Thanks. I wonder how long this will take to change.

I have a part time job working for Arduino, preparing educational materials. One challenge I have is figuring out where Arduino fits in to the public school requirements. Simply put, it does not directly, but teachers tell me they want to use it to make subjects like electricity and magnetism, force and motion more engaging.

Perhaps beyond this, Arduino might be a vehicle for further learning about programming and computer hardware.


On 01/28/2013 05:20 AM, Joel Kahn wrote:
Here's an article that definitely deserves to go viral:


It should be good for starting lots of interdisciplinary
discussions about software freedom, the future development
of technology, &c, &c. I think it ought to be read in
conjunction with an earlier piece along the same lines:


Have fun.

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