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Re: [school-discuss] FOSS Digital Literracy Camapaign in Cameroon,Africa

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One more thing, Marc, have you heard of OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)?  It's an organization that seeks to provide schools in Third World countries with Linux laptops.  These laptops have built-in wireless and solar powered batteries.  OLPC sets up a wi-fi Internet connection that students can access both in and outside of school.  One of their goals is to take learning outside of the classroom.  Students can search the Internet and communicate with teachers and peers from anywhere within their village.

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On 01/30/2014 05:25 AM, Marc Stephan Nkouly wrote:
Good Morning to everyone
Am a young man managing a cyber cafe in Bamenda, Cameroon In AFRICA.
I discovered a Linux some few years back with the help of a friend of
mine living in the UK.
I wish to launch a Digital Literacy campaign with FOSS to show to
people in my community  that Computers is not as difficult to use as
they may think .
Is true after this i will like to do launch another program to target
School Drop out and unemployed adults to train them on basics Linux
and other technical parts so that they can consider a career in
Computing with Foss and hence go out of the cycle of Poverty.
I don't consider my self as much knowledgeable about this subject but
i will like to collaborate with people interested and follow
curriculum that is proven and tested.
For the first phase i intent to start as soon as possible and am going
to make a radio  announcement
The propose curriculum is and we are going to target people who have
never touch a computer we are going to introduce them to using
computers DEBIAN or peppermint OS (For the moment we already have 8
computers running Peppermint, unfortunately i was not able to find
documentation on the web base that teach " Using Computer & Managing
files base on LXDE")
If they are people interested let me know because as i said this is
just the first stage after am going to launch another one a bit
technical base with LINUX ESSENTIAL .
Am looking forward while waiting for the response of people interested.
Here's a link on my Campaign.