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[school-discuss] Re: London School asking for help

I'm sending this message on to the schoolforge-discuss mailing list.  We
have subscribers from all around the world, which of course includes the
UK.  I fully expect that you'll receive many suggestions on how to
proceed.  In the meantime, here are the websites of some Linux user groups
(LUGs) in London:


LUGs are often great resources for getting assistance with installing and
maintaining open source/free software.

Suneil Basu <suneil@futureprogress.com> wrote:

> Hi Schoolforge
> I am the Head of an ICT Department in a Catholic School in London (St
> Mark's Catholic School).
> I would like to use more open source software.  I would like to take
> windows off all the client machines the students use (over 200 PCs) and
> run OpenOffice, but can you advive how I could incorporate some windows
> applications into the solution?  Are the ways of making the machine
> easily dual boot?  We were thinking about terminal server technology
> Is there a GNU/Linux educational consultancy we could talk to?
> My name is Suneil Basu

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