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[school-discuss] MimerDesk 1.5.3 released


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm proud to announce the release of MimerDesk 1.5.3, our new major MimerDesk
flagship release. Two major new feature improvements include a completely new
template system and other features for translators to enable easier MimerDesk
translation management and a completely revised feature rich File Manager.

The new File Manager highlights are:

- File revision control
- File lock/unlock (for editing purpouses)
- Download selected files and folders compressed with Zip
- Download selected files and folders compressed with Tar/Gzip
- Delete multiple files and folders
- Stream selected MP3 files (Basic Icecast implementation)
- Download counter
- Group admin can force unlock files
- Viewing files works now with IE, Opera, Konqueror, Netscape and Mozilla
- Edit MP3 tag
- Possible to edit file if content is text
- File and directory descriptions

New languages include russian and thai. Updated languages are galician,
italian, finnish, swedish, spanish and german.

In addition, we have fixed a lot of bugs and added several new features not
listed above. Refer to the ChangeLog for details.

To upgrade from, download the current sources, edit the configuration
file in config/ to match your current installation and upgrade with command

ChangeLog is here:

Download MimerDesk 1.5.2 here:


"MimerDesk is a web-based groupware environment designed for a wide variety 
of uses such as personal management, computer-supported collaborative 
learning, carrying out projects, and setting up communities. Its main 
strengths include a very customizable group system which allows many groups 
to work simultaneously on a shared database with tools like Calendar, Tasks, 
Forums, Links, Chat, Reviews, Voting, Files, Instant Messages, Profiles, and 
many more. "


Teemu Arina

Ionstream Ltd
Komeetankuja 4 A
02210 Espoo
Tel: +358-(0)50 - 555 7636