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Re: [school-discuss] National Curiculum England.

richard delorenzi wrote:

> > Does any one know of a listing of "Free software" /
> > "OpenSource" of educational software, with info as to
> > which arias of the national curiculum it covers. E.G.
> > levels, subjects. Preferably with a search engine that
> > allows be to enter keystages.

Unfortunately not. The Association For Free Software (AFFS)
hopes to do a lot in this area, but we are very dependent upon
members joining in - in particular upon teachers joining in.

> > If one does not exist I
> > would be interested in working with an existing list
> > maintaner to add this. I would keep it as
> > international as possable. E.G. search by age. Other
> > ideas appriciated.

We'd like to hear more of your progress in this :-)

and Chris Puttick wrote:
> We're in... We've half-started something, trying to basically collect
> content which can preferably be linked from a web-based ILS, based on
> subject area/KS, but failed to find enough interested teachers to make it
> work. Discussion list hosting is available...

Hmm. Has anyone ideas for getting more teachers involved?
- it might be worth asking on the SuSE-schools-UK list,
as they have several hundred teachers using GNU/Linux
over there :-)

> Re: [school-discuss] National Curiculum England.

btw, I presume the slight variations of Scotland, 
Wales and the six counties of Ulster should also 
be covered? ;-)

- Richard


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