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Re: [school-discuss] Linux in Manchester (UK) schools

It's pretty cool news!
There is still too many schools using 
the expensive mail echange Microsoft solution, at least in my county 
where something like 4000 licenses for k12 students/teachers where pourchased recently.
When you know that free software can do so well in this departement,
it is really a waste of money.


On Wed, 24 Jul 2002 14:49:33 +0100
Chris Puttick <chris@centralmanclc.com> wrote:

> Dear All
> I am very pleased to be able to announce that following the winding-down of
> the previous solution, from the 1st August 2002 Manchester primary (grade),
> infant (kindergarten) and special school administrative email services will
> be provided by SuSE Linux Email Server 3.1, hosted and administered by
> Central Manchester City Learning Centre. The SuSE solution is already in use
> by some secondary (high) schools in the city. There will be more than 140
> schools in Manchester using SuSE Email Server once the switch is made.
> For further information, please contact me on +44 (0)161 212 1972 or on
> chris@centralmanclc.com.
> Regards
> Chris Puttick
> IT Manager
> Central Manchester City Learning Centre
> +44 (0)161 212 1972
> PS My apologies to those who will receive this email more than once.