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[school-discuss] Web forum/mailing list integration

A while back we talked about adding a web forum interface to our
discussions.  We agreed that whatever we put in place needed to be
another interface to our already existing mailing list discussions
rather than a separate discussion space.  At the time Phorum was the
only web forum application we could find that would allow that.  For
various real-world personal reasons we haven't been able to install
and integrate Phorum on our servers yet.

I just heard that FUDForum has added support for mailing list &
FUDforum integration, among other things
<http://freshmeat.net/releases/91934/>.  I remember that some of the
proponents of a web interface were quite impressed by FUDForum.
Could the folks interested in this please take a look at the new
features of FUDForum and see if it can now do what we need?  Thanks.

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