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RE: [school-discuss] Linux security fears fanned in press

Just FYI, I actually put a lot more faith in this site; I frequently refer
teachers to it when they ask about a virus they heard of - 


Jason H. Mervyn
Computer Specialist

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Subject: Re: [school-discuss] Linux security fears fanned in press

I was going to ignore David's post, but maybe I should instead point out
that ZDnet does not have near the reputation for reporting integrity as
AP or Reuters (etc.).  Perhaps that's why Yahoo recently dropped
carrying them in their "Front Page Headlines".  And as for the little
known but much maligned Mi2g, the little I've heard about them has been
all bad.  They don't seem to HAVE a reputation for integrity.

If you want to make a decision about whether or not to use Linux, get
the facts from a reliable source, and remember, anyone can publish
anything on the Internet.