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Re: [school-discuss] Free-Open Baccalaureate Idea

> I'd definitely copyleft, though.
> The bottom line is that I'd want to make firm, carefully crafted decisions
> about the copyright/left issue before going much further.  If something other
> than raw (wo)manpower were to make or break this project, it'd be this.

Bingo. Yes. AGREE!

Putting the license talk and copyright in the front of the train is such a
burden -- but so important. You can build a nice box-car of freight and send
it forward, down the tracks, even with a mighty push, but it won't get where
you want to go time and time again.

Do the hard work of building up a copyleft engine now -- before the goods
are collected. But, those that want to take the content to others and use
the train are NOT always that keen on building the engine. The tooling of IP
is much unlike the tooling of content. And, those that aim to make content
want to keep their authorships and ownership rights in place more than not.

So, there are some serious hurdles right from the outset.


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