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Re: [school-discuss] Learning Objects

Learning Objects are basically chunks of reusable
digital content that can be used to create a lesson or
course, including assessment. 

For more info about learning objects, visit 
Macromedia.  The site includes sample assets so that
anyone can learn to create learning objects. 

The academic ADL co-lab is pretty involved in LOs as
well.  Here's their website.

There should also be some examples of learning objects
presented at this year's MERLOT conference.

Take care,
--- Massimiliano Mirra <mmirra@libero.it> wrote:
> glogan@telusplanet.net writes:
> > Do you know of any published research describing
> how teachers use learning 
> > objects?
> Could you please explain the phrase `use learning
> object'?  Do you
> mean what do teachers do to teach about object
> oriented programming?

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