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[school-discuss] A Chance to Highlight Open Source in Schools Success Stories

On 7/1/06, Doug Loss <drloss@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is evidently his second article about Open Source and schools.  I missed the first one and am not inclined to find it and read it, but if anyone would like to contact him and clue him in on any educational topics, feel free. :)


Actually, the second article was more in-depth than the first (which is at http://www.networkworld.com/weblogs/smb/2006/012877.html).

The author does ask:  "Do you have a success story helping schools or
non-profit organizations save money with Open Source software? If so,
let us know."  OK, now is a good chance to get some good publicity.
(Daniel, you have recently written a ton that could just be forwarded
to him, as have many others.)

His email is readers@xxxxxxxxxxx