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Re: [school-discuss] This could work...

On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 01:57:19PM -0400, HOWARD DANIEL-GVN674 wrote:
> Hmm, several issues come to my mind about this as an option.
> First, how much electricity they use.

Approx. 20W (I've measured on Powerware 9120, seems like 18..23W).

> Second, shipping all that weight to Africa would definitely
> raise the total cost of acquisition, even if they were acquired
> on eBay.


> Finally, I'm hoping to develop a model based on currently off
> the shelf equipment and services as a way to show what is
> possible now in a scalable form.  As Doug points out, finding a
> low cost  ISP solution could be the biggest hurdle here.

Yes... it might help to sort of bring up "home LAN" like
micro-ISP for nearby houses to at least have zero balance of
running the internet connection but it's also enough hurdle with
home users being home users catching virii and so on.  Might be
organizational problem as well (being sort of business).

> That being said, William and I sadly watched when APS hauled
> the old Compaq PIII Deskpro SFF's away from Brandon when they
> brought us our new HP thin clients, because we knew those
> Compaqs could be put to good use at a non pilot school.  You
> just hate to see it hauled away as junk when it could be put to
> good use.

Yup.  I've been both taking and giving such hardware for
different needs over the years...

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