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Re: [school-discuss] This could work...

Chris Gregan wrote:
Hello All,
As I have been reading this thread, I was reminded of an NPR story I
heard. It was about a W.VA non-profit putting up microwave dishes to
daisy chain WiFi connections out to rural users in the Appalachian
range. I'm sure the situation is much different in Africa, but maybe at
least, it is food for thought. Here is the story:


That sounds like a good way for a small country where villages are likely to be in good proximity to each other, I'll start looking at the actual village locations and see. Would give much better access and stay free after initial install. Also my teacher is contacting Univ. of Malawi folk, they could be our local tech installers and trainers for the long run. Target is for me and my teacher to head there next summer after doing all the ground work. Keep those cards and letters coming!


Daniel Howard
President and CEO
Georgia Open Source Education Foundation