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Re: [school-discuss] suggestions about secondary school project using FOSS

Hi Daniel and Roberto,

I thought I would add my suggestions.  However, I am not a science teacher, I´m
a musician/artist.  Next year I am going back to teaching high school
technology.  I will have these courses:  computer animation, multimedia,
desktop publishing, and web page development.

My thanks to the person on this list who suggested dual-booting with Ubuntu
Studio.   I´ve got it on my laptop now and have been installing additional
software and working the kinks out. These are the programs I am planning (so
far) to use for each.

Computer Animation = the Gimp and Blender
Multimedia = Hydrogen, Rosegarden, Cinelerra, Audacity
Desktop Publishing = LyX, Kivio, the Gimp, Scribus
Web Page Development = HTML code, Mozilla Composer, Bluefish, Xoops, Agave

I don´t know Cinelerra, Audacity, Kivio, Bluefish or Xoops well.  I feel
confident with the others.

Personally, I wouldn´t use the python animation program - but then I´m not
teaching programming.  I am approaching this strictly from the artsy fartsy
side.  :)  I had a very positive experience using Blender with high school

I´m interested in hearing about software others are using at the high school
level as well.


Quoting Daniel Howard <dhhoward@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi Roberto,
> For the humanities teacher, sounds like Moodle would be a great tool for 
> content development by the older students.  The students could also 
> build content for the primary students to use subsequently.  For the 
> technology/science area, even though lately I've been messing with 
> Blender, I was really impressed with the Python links recently sent out 
> to this list.  Having the older students write programs for the younger 
> students would be great way to learn and contribute at the same time. 
> And since it's Open Source, the students can take an existing piece of 
> code and modify it, thereby showing one of the key benefits of OSS.
> If I were going to teach Python, I'd also use TeacherTool in the 
> process.  Our fifth grade teachers consider TeacherTool a must-have 
> application.
> Daniel
> roberto wrote:
> > Hello,
> > i am currently involved in developing an educational project for
> > secondary school students (14-18) in Italy, which will be very likely
> > extended to primary schools (10-13) in a slightly adapted fashion.
> > 
> > At the moment i am looking for case studies/suggestions/experiences in
> > this field to build the basis of the activity.
> > 
> > The aim is to let young people become aware of the great power of
> > media technologies and how istructive is to use them under the FOSS
> > umbrella.
> > The project has roughly these features:
> > 
> > 1. two parts, one school-year long each
> > 2. two teachers involved: one expert in humanities area and the other
> > (me) in the technological/scientific area
> > 3. roughly 60 guys involved
> > 4. we plan to extend it to primary schools, in the second part
> > 
> > Now, students should not only learn what they can do using more
> > skillfully Internet, programming tools, website mastering and so on
> > but also realize some effective output which, eventually may be then
> > used in the second phase.
> > 
> > Any suggestion is very appreciated. Of course, direct involvement of
> > other parties around the world is possible and welcome.
> > 
> > Regards.
> > 
> -- 
> Daniel Howard
> President and CEO
> Georgia Open Source Education Foundation