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RE: [school-discuss] Change Subject Line

Hi Joel -- i must have accidentally deleted this message from my primary gmail acct -- lucky i found this, then.  I was thinking the same thing -- but i'm not typing from my own computer, even, and don't have a copy of the most recent thread.  Perhaps you or Justin could rename the latter parts of that thread?  I'd sure like to hear more people weigh-in on the subject.  It could lead to good things.  As for a name...mmm...."Ideas4Mondy -part2"? 
Charles Cosse


From: owner-schoolforge-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Joel Kahn
Sent: Sat 7/28/2007 4:03 AM
To: schoolforge-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [school-discuss] Change Subject Line

The thread that still bears the name
"SchoolForge Art Gallery?" has long
since departed from that topic; I
suggest that one of the participants
give it some kind of more accurate
label. I'm not going to offer any
suggestions, since I'm not sure myself
what it should be called. . . . :-(


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