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Re: [school-discuss] Re: GCompris Mac os X Binary

Vous avez raison Bruno, Mac laptop hardware upgrades cost up to 200% more than on a PC:


Benefits (for Apple) of a closed eco-system...


Bruno Coudoin wrote:
Le samedi 28 juin 2008 à 01:06 +0000, psychdoc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a
écrit :
e me, but I can't seem to locate the GCompris binary for
the Mac Os X Platform. I don't want to have to compile it myself,
have the time nor the  resources. Thanking you in anticipation...

I bought a MacBook 1.5 years ago just for that. We faced technical
difficulties and have never been able to make a release for MacOS. The
operating system is different enough to a regular GNU/Linux that it
takes a lot of effort / time to support.

Last week my MacBook stopped to work, it refuses to switch on. Of course
the official warranty ended 6 month ago. The Apple hardware has been a
huge over-cost for me and sadly it's of poor quality. Just after one
year, I had to start to glue it because the plastic started to crack.

So don't count on me to make a MacOS release soon.

Daniel Howard
President and CEO
Georgia Open Source Education Foundation