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Re: [school-discuss] Schoolforge.net's next step and payment for Web services

I think this is a great idea.  

My guess is that if we sent the $1000 to Justin and divided it across all the hours he has put toward this project ( not even mentioning future hours), it would come out to way less than $1/hr.

I will probably be laying down the legal (and financial) part of the NCOSE at the end of this year so, as David mentioned, I need to send a $1000 check to someone and I can't think of anyone more deserving than Justin.  If some great idea / project pops up further down the road, we can certainly start a Kickstarter funding effort for it.

Big yes vote here.


On Jul 30, 2012, at 7:59 AM, David M. Bucknell wrote:

> Dear Schoolforge members,
> 1. As you know, we have had general agreement among list members that schoolforge.net should get more directly involved in forwarding its mission of "fostering" use of free and open software and other resources for education.  There have been many ideas, and I would like to invite you to re-open that discussion with hopes of getting started this year.
> An idea that is gaining traction among several of us is for schoolforge.net to host a place where sub-groups can be formed for projects by members -- those of you on the list.  We have fiddled with Open Atrium as the basis of our thinking as it has a fine interface and built-in group-collaboration tools.  I personally support that option because I've used it with schools successfully already, and I can say a lot more on that subject.
> The important thing, however, is that it would have groups designed for collaborative work.  We wouldn't stipulate what project you did there (although we might need criteria for vetting projects), and we would let those with the energy go for it.  Notice I'm not saying software, training materials, or anything else because they would all be ok.  Anyway, that's the kernel of an idea.   Please help improve it.
> 2. As you may also know, Justin Riddiough designed and developed the current schoolforge.net Web site using Drupal 7 and continues to maintain it.  He has ideas and energy for extending it, too.  It has taken him considerable time, and the site is serving us well with over 200 visitors a day.
> Like all of us, Justin needs to work for a living, and, as our Web site is a real need for schoolforge.net, it only seems fair that we pay him for his work. You may remember that he was also the one who entered schoolforge.net as an applicant for the open source development grant which we won from http://taos.com and which must be spent this year: US$1,000.00.  Bryant Patten of NCOSE (National Center for Open Source and Educatio) at http://www.ncose.org/ generously did the paperwork and accounting to accept the money on our behalf.
> Now, I know there are many things we could do with that money, and we should get going on those projects, but, in the meantime, there is no more obvious real-life need staring us in the face than supporting the one who supports us.  I would like to ask you to support using the grant money to support Justin.
> As this is a somewhat personal matter, please just comment on whether it's alright with you to spend the money on supporting our Web site designer, developer and maintainer.
> Thanks to all you who support opening up education for all.
> David Bucknell
> On behalf of Schoolforge.net
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