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[school-discuss] UI and Lesson Plan upgrade contributions from U of Hawaii-Manoa for SchoolForge.net website

Dear SchoolForgers,

Exciting news on the SchoolForge website front! Paul McKimmy contacted us in Mid June via the website with the following:

"Aloha - I am a university professor at U of Hawaii-Manoa, preparing a graduate course on F/OSS in Education as an online course. ÂOne of the assignments in the class will be to write a review of educational F/OSS applications that students have tried and tested in educational settings.

I have a talented web team available to me for the next 8-10 weeks. ÂWe are talking about building a similar site, but I wanted to contact the schoolforge team first to see if collaboration would make better sense. I am wondering about the possibility of building new features into schoolforge.net."

Since then, David Bucknell and Laura (LM) have discussed with Paul where we are at currently, as well as efforts and strategies we've worked on in the past.Â

Paul McKimmy brings a development team that has some availability over the next weeks to upgrade and bring some of the features that have been discussed. They are very eager to connect with the community and get the ball rolling! I believe they have some resources to share that show what they have in mind.

With that, I welcome Paul to introduce himself and share what is in the works!


Justin Riddiough