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[school-discuss] Released: Website@School 0.90.5

Dear Schoolforge readers,
Website@SChool is a website content management systems for schools and for learning IT.

We are proud to inform you that the public release of Website@School 0.90.5 (2013-07-11) is now available for download at our download location:


We have also released version 0.75 of the Website@School Manual (English) for version 0.90.5 here:


Highlights of this release:

* new module 'CREW' (Collaborative Remote Educational Workshop). A browser-based, real-time collaborative editor, allowing several people to simultaneously edit the same text file.

* new module 'Snapshots', a module to show pictures on a page in three variants: 1. a page with selectable thumbnails, 2. a page with selectable pictures and 3. a full screen slideshow.

* new module 'Aggregator'. The Aggregator module gathers the content of several pages to form one new page, including Snapshots pages.

* new module 'Mailpage'. The Mailpage module enables website visitors to send e-mails to one or more destinatio addresses. No CAPTCHA, usable for blind and visually impaired.

* new module 'Redirect'. URL redirection.

* new Module Manager, to enable site wide module configuration.

* new theme 'Sophia'
* new theme 'Cornelia'

* new translation 'Greek' (el)
* new translation 'Finnish' (fi)
* new translation 'Russian' (ru)
* new translation 'Swedish' (sv)

See the file CHANGES.txt in the program directory for full details.

More on http://websiteatschool.eu
Online manual: http//wyxs.net/web/was_en/

Kind regards,
Website@School Development Team
Karin Abma
Peter Fokker
Dirk Schouten

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