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[school-discuss] ISO Phase one evaluations

Most of you know about SEUL/edu's ISO project to create an easily
downloadable and installable CD image of educational software for
Linux.  Phase one of our project is to have educators look through
all the applications listed in our Application Index
<http://richtech.ca/seul> and from the descriptions there and on the
individual websites to mark apps as either not ready for school use
or deserves a closer look.  This wouldn't be an in-depth evaluation
of the individual apps, just a first cut.

A number of us have volunteered, but had to wait till the current
school year ended.  Well, folks, it either has just ended or is just
now ending for the majority of us.  So now's the time to step up and
help with Phase one!  If you're not a teacher or school
administrator, no problem; just find one of those locally who is
willing to help and lead them through the eval process.  That's what
I'm going to work on starting next week.  I won't be available on
the mailing list from now till Tuesday (probably), but please talk
about this and volunteer to help.  Others here know all about the
process and can describe how it works.  Let's get moving!

Doug Loss                 All I want is a warm bed
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Bloomsburg University     unlimited power.
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