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[school-discuss] Site@School, the CMS for primary schools, Version 2.3 released!

Site@School, the OSS/GPL website content management system
for primary schools has many improvements and added functionality
in version 2.3.

For example:
- A chat module: unlimited and safe chatpages with logging (*).
- Template editor: now every school can create a beautiful site without
knowing HTML.
- TV module: use a tv set as kiosk browser.
- Now in 16 languages: Dutch, French, German, English, Finnish,
Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Danish,
Portugese-Brazilian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Bulgarian.
- Maximum of 99 homepages per pupil. Improved e-mail alerts for teachers
when pupils add or change their page content.
- An Intranet for teachers.
- Teachers can have their own webpages.
- Project pages where pupils can collaborate.
- Simplified site management: every admin, teacher or pupil 
can manage a section of the site.
- Improved and simplified installation.
- Bugfixes, numerous small improvements to modules, etc.
- Comprehensive users' guide with over 300 screenshots.
- Coding guidelines and a developers manual.
- And much more ....

(*) These modules are available: advertisments, agenda, picture
gallery, calendar, class pages, e-mail, forms builder, forum,
guestbook, news,newsletters, search, sitemap, up/download.

Siste@School is Open Source Software, licensed under the General
Public License, usable under Linux and  Windows.

Cordial greetings and good luck with S@S,
The Site@School Development Team

Site@School download (software, users' guide, etc.):

Site@School homepage: