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[school-discuss] Evangelical opportunity for an experienced LTSP/OSS advocate in the US

Now for a more fundamental issue. Our elementary school principal, who has agreed to our conversion to LTSP/OSS for the school, recently arranged for us to present our recommendations to three other principals in our cluster of elementary schools. These schools represent some of the most well-funded (by PTAs) elementary schools in the city of Atlanta. All are having the same problems with reliability and maintenance of Windows OS computers and networking in the school and are looking for better solutions to their technology woes. They seemed to be very interested in our proposed solution, and all appeared to buy into the notion that it can be set up initially in computer labs (generally funded by PTA, not by the city) to prove it out. There was still some skepticism from some of them however (I had to explain the culture of OSS and why the "business model" could survive!), and one suggestion that we came up was to arrange a meeting or tele/video conference with a principal and/or IT person of another school, especially a public elementary school, that had already done it and could speak with experience about the benefits of the new approach, as well as answer questions about potential pitfalls or challenges.

Is there anyone out there who can either speak, or knows someone who might be willing to speak to our group of principals?

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