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Re: [school-discuss] Wireless network ambulance for classrooms w/o wired network connectivity

I am also doing this with Linksys hardware. They sell a WET54G wireless
bridge. My farthest site is over 1/4 mile away (My house). I use high gain
antennas and low loss coax cable to the antennas. Clear line of site is
important so the antennas are at the top of 14+ meters towers constructed on
the flat roofs of 1 or 2 story building there is lots of info at
They also sell the antennas & cable
This project is in Africa so some of the FCC rules don't apply hear.

I would be glad to share the drawings and documents with anyone who wants
then just email me directly.

Mathiew Greenway
Technology Coordinator
American International School of Bamako


On 8/6/05 7:38 pm, "Steve Hargadon" <steve.hargadon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I should think that you would be better off using a wireless access
>> point and hooking your linux machine into the wired network.
> I've done exactly this--I used Linksys wireles access points, which
> basically just "bridged" the network when there couldn't be a physical
> link.  We have four or five classrooms working this way in an old
> Catholic High School where the walls were too thick!  We were able to
> get 8 workstations working fine off an access point, with only the
> "boot" up showing signs of slowness.
> Steve