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[school-discuss] Re: **OFFLIST** Re: ifip workshop, milan, june 14 '05

on Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 09:16:09AM +0200, Damiano Verzulli (damiano@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Damiano Verzulli wrote:
> >Paolo Pumilia wrote:
> >
> >>IFIP workshop on 'Open Source Software' - Milan june 14, 2005
> >>[...]
> Ops!
> 	sorry for my previous POST. It was intended _only_ for the poster of 
> the article (Paolo Pumilia) but.... I still have to learn to check 
> _carefully_ the destination of the "to" field before pushing the "send" 
> button :-(
> 	Sorry again.

Due to an alarming number of lists showing Reply-To brain damage (and
resulting inevitable embarassing or outright harmful results), I've
added the following to my .muttrc configuration file.  Adapt as
necessary (and/or possible) to other mailers.  The feature is disabled
for lists, and set to query (default response, "No") for everything

    # For lists
    set ignore_list_reply_to = yes

    # for everything else
    # *FUCK* this shit pisses me off...
    # Fri Feb 25 18:27:28 PST 2005
    set reply_to = ask-no


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