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Re: [school-discuss] unsubscribe messages DO NOT WORK if sent here

Leon Brooks wrote:

Yes. The headings are meaningful to email handling programs. Any header starting "X-" is explicitly defined by the standard as meaningless within the standard, and therefore available for "private" functions.

OK. good to know.

The page of "rubbish" before the header you found has to come before it because otherwise certain picky MTAs (email transport programs) such as MS-Exchange will throw a hissy-fit if they're in the wrong order, even though the MTA standards say not to throw a hissy fit; to accept the headers in any order.

Good to have some explanation - I knew they must be useful to someone...

It is considered polite to include unsubscribe instructions in the headers to avoid cluttering everyone's screen with them on every message.

Makes sense.
. . .

MajorDomo's approach is reasonable, but I prefer MailMan, which uses standard headers that standards-compliant MUAs will recognise and offer as an "unsubscribe from this list" button.

I currently use Mozilla's Thunderbird; do you recommend switching and if I do so, can
I blend my current mail archives with their directory structure into Mailman?

   Thanks,  Ralph