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Re: [school-discuss] LTSP and school-provided networks on same physical infrastructure

John, answers to questions inline. Other comments and suggestions solicited. Thanks, Daniel

1) How many student computers v.s teacher computers per room? Do
you use computer labs? Anything else to say here?

Currently 3 student PCs (soon to be thin clients) per class, maybe 5 or 7 in the near future, ultimately more. 1 teacher PC running Windows. Yes, we have a PTA funded computer lab which we'll hook up first via independent cabling.

2) How do computers currently get their ip addresses, who handles name
resolution. Is there a PDC or AD handling authentication?

AFAIK, AD - active directory.

3) Are there any network appliances like printers that use jet direct
print servers and the like, how do they get their addresses and who
needs to use them?

Currently, classroom printers are shared Windows printers, i.e. the clients refer to the computer name rather than ip address, and the computer connected to the printer is one of the student PCs. Often they cannot print due to malware on the student PC, the PC being off or hung up, etc.

After conversion to thin clients, we thought of using print servers in each room hanging off of room switch, but could also hang printer off of thin client server in each classroom when we deploy enough clients in a class to require a separate LTSP server for each classroom.

4) How many buildings, floors. 100 MB Ethernet over CAT5?

One main building with three floors, some portables we'll do via wireless. Yes, 100MB Ethernet, and may even be Cat5e.

5) How many hosts will particpate in the k12ltsp net and how many hosts will stay on the current set up? What kind of thin clients?

About 40 classrooms, each with one teacher PC on current net. We're planning on converting all three current classroom PCs into thin clients, they're Win98 PCs, likely PII-400 MHz systems. Ultimately, we'll replace with new mini ITX LTSP thin clients, or possibly the Newnham Research NIVO units.

6) is this a switched environment or do you use hubs?

Switched, and if any hubs exist, we can replace them. From main router cabinet (there are 3), the connection goes to the class where a switch distributes to the individual PCs.

>I would say the easiet implementation would be in a lab based environment where you can create a seperate subnet by using a second nic on the k12-LTSP server with the route to the internet pointing to the comcast connection.

That is precisely our plan for first phase rollout, we're just trying to come up with a transition plan for getting LTSP into the classrooms while still having teacher PCs be on the district network.

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