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[school-discuss] Conferences & Workshops and Case Studies

Thanks and enjoy the conference Michael.

All that's required is registration (I'd leave it open if it weren't
for spam..) I've added a language field as well.  I'm concurrently
updating some of the case studies presentation to make use of the
city/state/country/language fields - so that's in a state of flux for
the moment.

The case studies need a little attention right now, if anyone has some
free time to contribute - I've been updating them to

* giving them a title
*  separating location field into "city/state/country" fields
* set the appropriate language
* Copying the published date into the "authored on" date

I know that city/state/country is probably American centered - is
there a better way to describe these fields for an international
audience?  If anyone has suggestions, I'd make the changes - I'm just
assuming that it shouldn't be too difficult to get the idea.

I've also been reading that there are supposed to be some good
developments for internationalization in Drupal 6 - the forms
themselves could be language specific.

Enjoy the conference, Michael!