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[school-discuss] BASIC-256

For those who may not be familiar with BASIC-256--
or who have not upgraded their copy of it in a
while--the relatively new website of the project
should definitely be worth a look:


Don't be fooled by that phrase "young children"
that appears in the Introduction; BASIC-256 now
has some pretty powerful stuff under the hood
for a wide variety of users. My own interest is
primarily in the artistic possibilities of the
color functions. On the main page, click on the
"Art Gallery" link to get some idea of what I'm
talking about. I'm wondering which of your
students will be the first person besides me to
get a picture in that gallery. . . .

I'm also thinking that Scratch users might want
to look at the similarities and differences
between Scratch and BASIC-256. . . .

The project can use anyone who wants to jump in.
For example: Would fixing the spelling errors &c
in the documentation be a good educational task
for students in the right age group?

Have fun.