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[school-discuss] openssl license change

Just read about the openssl license change:

The former license was a BSD 4 clause license which wasn't compatible
with GNU GPL licensed software unless the GNU GPL licensed software
developer added an exception for linking to OpenSSL.  The switch to an
Apache style license makes OpenSSL compatible with GNU GPL licensing
without requiring an exception from the developer.  The license change
is to make it easier to combine OpenSSL with code that uses other
licenses in commercial and non-commercial products.  However,
according to some articles, it reads like there will still be license
issues for various software and license types.

Libressl a fork of OpenSSL will continue to use the old license.  This
will make sharing new code between the two projects very difficult.

Was surprised that a search on the license change did not turn up a
lot of information or posts about it.  Some background information on
the license change was mentioned in this article:

Would be curious what others on the list thing about the change.
Also, if you run across any other interesting articles on the topic or
any information on license incompatibilities, please share them.

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