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Re: [school-discuss] FW: OpenOffice in education

Tom Adelstein wrote:

cdmiller@adams.edu wrote:

Thanks for clearing that up Tom. I think the main issue is that in education, real value comes from the FLOSS nature of OO. Education is going to be more open to solutions that are, well, more open. I think n the long term SUN should concentrate big SO incentives for business and government sectors, while supporting OO penetration into education. Sure some school business programs and school administrations will opt for SO over MS Office or OO, but for many education uses SO and MSO are overkill, while OO is good enough and "free".

- cameron

Cameron, I respect your opinion, but it makes no sense to me. More open? Overkill?

Neither of those concepts apply here. The opportunity for educators to obtain a quality product like Star Office versus MS Office doesn't negate the Open Source roots of the former product. The products use the same code base and SO is far more polished. You'll also find educational templates available for SO. The So for kids site offers better educational materials. Also:

If my child brings Star Office home and I see it and go for it, then the community seems served. Getting Open Office from my child just says that I can get an inferior product for free, also.

Open Office has lots of positives and extends the availablity beyond the few platforms and localities of SO. But for the US and Western Europe, Sun obviously would prefer SO disseminated via the educational community.

Of course if you prefer to support Microsoft, that's another matter.

OO is "more open" than SO.

Overkill: The software does more than you need or want it to do.

OO an inferior product? The freedom of OO is what keeps it from being inferior to SO. That's free as in libre.

I would prefer to see SUN providing the templates and support for OO in education rather than trying to push the closed SO product. I would like to see SUN eventually go open source with SO. I think they could profitably achieve that outcome, and we would all be better off for it.

If Microsoft started releasing beneficial GPL'd software and converting to a service oriented company I might support them in their efforts.

Thats my idealistic take. I hope its more understandable than before.

- cameron