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Re: [school-discuss] Website admin for students

garry saddington wrote:
On Tuesday 16 March 2004 07:38, Chris Gillies wrote:

I would like to extend the content of our website to include more work
from our students. As such does anyone have any suggestions regarding
web construction/admin tools that are suitable for the kids to use. For
example a tools that allows them to make there own web page straight on
the server (I hope that makes sense).

Zope, Plone and Epoz work great. See www.zope.org or my site at:
Garry - have you tried PHP Nuke? I do not currently have any web content management application - I do it all by hand (very labor intensive). I'm looking at PHP Nuke. But then in the last two days I've seen many posting about Zope. Do you know how the two compare? What has been your experience using Zope? In other words, would you recommend it for a relative newbie?

Richard K. Ingalls
Director of Information Technology
Glenwood R-8 School District
West Plains, MO


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