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Re: [school-discuss] OSS in Education

on Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 04:21:38PM -0500, Omar Olivos (olivos@markham.edu.pe) wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on a presentation for schools on the possibilities of Open
> source Software in Education from the technical and educational point of
> view. My idea is to try to explain --based on my limited experience-- on
> how to implement OSS in schools. I will talk about Linux Terminal
> Server, which I think is great, Samba, Open Office, among other
> possibilities.

I've been preparing a presentation along similar lines, currently posted
for review at:


Note that I'd prefer this not be distributed/published yet as I'm still
working on it and have some art issues.

I'd welcome comments/feedback/suggestions.

The text and overall structure may be used freely w/o restrictions.
Ditto the master layout (if you like it).

It's large, ~50+ slides, 2MB+, and growing.  More something you'd pick
bits from to use than present in one sitting.

> Have you got any ideas that can help me?
> I'm also planning on giving out copies of K12LTSP, OpenOffice, OpenCD,
> etc.

Knoppix and GNUWin II are highly recommended.  Knoppix for Kids is also
good, though dated (about a year old).

I've got a spool or more of Knoppixen to distribute shortly.


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