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[school-discuss] Converting Educational Software from MS Office to OpenOffice.

Hello All!

I am not a programmer, but I would like to make a request of the community.

Chris, the webmaster at "Teachers-Pet.org" is willing to share the
code for his wonderful education software.  Presently, Teachers-Pet
software is written for MS Office in VB and VBA.  You can check it out

He does not have time right now to get into writing code that would
enable his software to work with OpenOffice.  He indicated he would
work with folks who could convert the present code to work with OO. 
It is my understanding that although OO does not support Visual Basic,
OO does support the following programming languages - OpenBasic (aka
StarBasic), Python, Java, Javascript, Beanshell, C and C++ .  It is
also my understanding that "StarBasic" and "Visual Basic" are close.

One person volunteered to work with him at OO.  Please take a look at
the following thread,
Can educational programs be written for OO in VB or VBA? There is an
offer to do so.

I am sure more help would be appreciated, so I am also asking those in
the SchoolFordge community to help out, if they can.  Chris can be
reached at,

Thanks in advance for any and all responses.