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[school-discuss] Walmart Sells Linux Boxes

I'm wondering whether anyone in this group
has tried out one of the Everex gPCs that
Walmart has been pushing--the box with the
Via Technologies C7-D processor, the gOS
operating system based on Ubuntu, and a few
FLOSS apps. I'm curious as to whether any
of you think its $200 price tag is worth
looking at compared to other FLOSS options.

To me, the most interesting part of Walmart's
online ad for this is the option to "upgrade"
from gOS and 512MB of RAM to Micro$oft Windows
Vista Home Basic and 1GB of RAM, for a mere
eighty US dollars or so. Let's see--I'd be
paying extra to drop a popular and reputable
Linux distro in favor of the most crippled
version of the most despised product ever to
emerge from M$. Any guesses on how many takers
Walmart is getting on this "upgrade" offer?


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