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Re: [school-discuss] Gen Y not as interested in IT

And probably even more true 1.5 yrs later..

I think a devil's bargain was struck somewhere along the line that made the average computer user pretty much the average citizen (with many exceptions) ... I think it may even be called the WWW.

It serves to create a priesthood ... a dark mysterious group of people who are uber-uber-geeky enough to go into the dark world of programming ... real programming.. to unearth great mysteries, and then condense them for the masses...

It leaves the rest of the world at a disadvantage. I can't even FIND my oil filter. Pretty soon they'll be shipping computers glued shut w/ little litmus paper and screw tape to show whether someone has had the audacity to open it up and tinker...

Joel Kahn wrote:
On the subject of the relationships between youth and tech,
here is yet another angle:



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