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[school-discuss] Fwd: Open Source Schools Think Tank [March, in the UK]

Caroline Ford of Tux Paint received this, and I suggested passing
it along to the T4K lists to see if anyone in the neighborhood
would be interested in attending.  (Also including Schoolforge).

Miles -- I hope that's ok!  Thanks for contacting us & good luck!

(in California)

----- Forwarded message from Caroline Ford -----
>    From: Miles Berry <miles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>    Date: 28 February 2010 16:33:30 GMT
>    To: caroline.ford.work@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>    Subject: Open Source Schools Think Tank
>  Dear Caroline,
>  The Open Source Schools team would be delighted if you could join us
>  for a cross-sector 'think tank' event on open source in schools on
>  Friday 26th March. We would like to bring together a few of the key
>  members
>  of our own community, including both teachers, technical staff and
>  those with more strategic roles together with representatives of the
>  wider open source world to explore a few common concerns from a range
>  of perspectives, and would be very pleased if you were able to
>  participate in this meeting.
>  We'd like your input on what could and should be done now to support
>  and extend the use of open source applications in education, at a
>  range of scales from handheld devices and open source on Windows, to
>  region wide web-based services. We'd also appreciate some input on the
>  future direction of the Open Source Schools community, in particular
>  addressing why you chose to become involved and what could be done to
>  increase participation amongst those in a similar role to yourselves.
>  Our intention is that the day will result in a set of practical
>  recommendations to Becta for how to strengthen the position of open
>  source in the schools technology ecosystem, together with some idea of
>  the role that the Open Source Schools community might play in this.
>  The 'think tank' will meet at the British Academy, Carlton House
>  Terrace, in their Council Room. We're confident that venue will be
>  conducive to convivial conversations. We have in mind running the
>  meeting
>  from 10 am to 4:30 pm.
>  I do hope you'll be able to attend.
>  Best wishes,
>  Miles.
>  PS - we've been using TuxPaint with our undergraduate and PGCE teacher
>  training students at Roehampton - it's been universally popular, and I
>  suspect more than a few will be taking it into school with them. Many
>  thanks!
>  --
>  Miles Berry
>  Senior Lecturer, ICT | Roehampton University | roehampton.ac.uk | 0208 392 3241
>  Community Manager | Open Source Schools | opensourceschools.org.uk | 07779 628656
>  Blogger | milesberry.net
>  Twit | twitter.com/mberrys,
>  Miles.

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