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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source CD distribution

I am working on putting my own collection together.  However, it'll
never be done in time for the talk at the end of the month.  Wanted to
figure out the most useful CD collection already available until I can
get my own more polished.  Am building my own collection from scratch
(compiling it all myself) so I can fine tune and debug things.  I'm
also creating my own build tools so I can automate the build
processes.  It'll be cross-platform, so it will hopefully work for
building programs on at least Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and possibly
even DOS.


On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 10:13 AM, Jim Jütte <jimjutte@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This might take a bit of time, but what about creating a collection based on
> opinions here. For example, you yourself already know that LibreOffice is
> out there now... you could simply download that and place it on a CD along
> with other recommendations. Just a thought.
> Cheers
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