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[school-discuss] gtk+

Was attempting to build the gtk+ 3 libraries on Windows so I could do
some development and to see how many applications I currently use
would port from gtk+ 2 to gtk+ 3.  I hit some issues with compiling
that I was able to workaround.  However, I felt if I had problems
building on Windows, I should report them so possibly others wouldn't
have to do deal with the same problems.  The support page (
http://developer.gnome.org/glib/2.30/glib-resources.html ) reads like
it's very developer friendly:
"Don't hesitate to file a bug report, even if you think we may know
about it already, or aren't sure of the details. Just give us as much
information as you have, and if it's already fixed or has already been
discussed, we'll add a note to that effect in the report."

However, the reality is anything but that.  They were extremely
unhelpful regarding my issues and do not seem to care whether their
libraries work properly on Windows or not.  They did not want to hear
about issues with compiling or suggestions for documentation to help
enable developers build their libraries successfully or about fixing
their configure scripts so that their library would work out of the
box.  It's support like this that gives the Open Source movement a bad
name.  How is the Open Source community supposed to claim that their
ability to fix bugs is superior to commercial companies, if developers
are antagonistic to fixing issues that keep their Open Source programs
and libraries from compiling?  Most commercial companies couldn't
afford to treat their customers like this because they'd have no

Anyway, I want to share the experience with you.  If you know anyone
developing gtk+ applications, please pass on a warning as to the
quality of their support.  I will be recommending to any developers I
know that they use other GUI development toolkits in the future.
There are many other options besides gtk+ such as qt, sdl, wxwidgets,
fltk, fox toolkit, pdcurses, etc.
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