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[school-discuss] New Open Admin for Schools 8.3 released

Hi Everyone,

I have a new version of Open Admin (OA) available, which is a school administration package designed to run primarily on Linux. New principal walkthough system (teacher assessment), staff absence tracking, fee system updates, updates to most other systems (since last release was 2012!). I've just been too busy to spend a lot of time on this. However, since I just installed a new school division I had to do some updates on the distro! So as a result, a new release. Prior to that I was just running automated updates to a variety of school division servers. Just lazy I guess!

Documentation still sucks, so I have to work on that next, but have a new school level IEP system to complete first.

This version also has extensive updates to the teacher site with the addition of a system for tracking DRA (Diagnotic reading assessment) and CMA (Common Math Assessment... based on provincial math curricula). It also has a system for tracking improvements in student reading based on LLI (Literacy Intervention). It also has an adapted system for Fountas and Pinnell, though I'm not sure if included in the download (contact me for details).

It has the current First Nations system for sending Nominal Roll information to the federal authorities (AANDC). It also has extensive support for the SSP (Student Success Program) for First Nations schools.

When managing large numbers of schools on a single server, a central site provides lots of support for reporting information from all schools. I'm not sure if this central site is the latest version in the download. Contact me if you're interested and I'll check. It is likely twice as large as previous release.

The download includes all scripting to update schools in Saskatchewan (Canada) with provincial authorities. I'm currently working on doing the same with Alberta Education with their PASI system (but it's a big job).

The download is here: