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Re: [school-discuss] brainstorming

Le 02/03/2017 à 16:16, LM a écrit :
I was thinking about what would be a way to encourage and make it
easier for educators and others interested in writing books, manuals,
course materials to share those materials with the public under CC and
Open Source licenses.  Here's what I would like to see.

It would be nice if there was a central web site that would host the
materials.  It would only accept CC and Open Source licenses (OSI
approved).  If the site could offer some options for ways users could
donate to the authors they like, I think it would encourage more
people to contribute their materials.  The site could also offer
services like editing and formatting (to PDF, EPUB, etc.) to help pay
for itself.  If that wasn't enough for funding, it could keep a small
percentage of each donation to help cover costs.

There are several commercial sites that host materials already, but
most do not encourage Open Source or CC contributions.  If one is
interested in selling a book at a site, they're typically not going to
use a Creative Commons license.  There are sites where people share CC
material, but the material is shared for free.  I think having a way
to give people monetary encouragement to share their works and making
the process of sharing very easy for the authors, would encourage more
people to give it a try to share more educational CC and Open Source
Great, Laura, thanks.
I've been sharing materials on wikiversity, I enjoy it
- books in French : alphabetisation
- translations : public domain in English
- writing on Vikidia : free courses
but you're right, I'd love to find editors for my albums.

annie from Bordeaux