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[school-discuss] The Story behind Open Content and Publishing

Dear Colleagues,
While more and more people are learning about free and open source software,
newcomers have not often considered the possibility of extending the concept of
open-source licensing to non-software publishing, especially for education. Some
say it is high time that school book publishing got acquainted with world of
high-quality open-source development. As the second part of an introduction to
the world of free and open resources, I have written a general historical sketch
of open source/ public domain publishing. I have posted the first of three parts
on opensourceschools.org. It is meant to follow my "story of open source
software." I hope that it will prove useful to those of you interested in, or
promoting, free and open content for schools. If you would add comments about
what I have left out, I would also be grateful and will make sure they remain
part of the document as it evolves. 


Best wishes,

David Bucknell

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